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What Does It Look Like?

Fellowship of Christian Athletes is designed by athletes for athletes. It is allowed on school campuses just like any other school club (glee club, speech and debate club, chess club... whatever) because you meet before school, during lunch, or after school. The studies are called "huddles" and are lead by student athletes (like yourself). Each huddle looks a little different but has the same general structure of an ice breaker and then short devotional. The devotionals are designed specifically for athletes, deal with things athletes struggle with, and use athletic terms. Huddles are an easy way to get a friend who wouldn't necessarily come to church or youth group to come hang out with other athletes and be exposed to the Bible. If you would like to start an FCA huddle at your school then follow the directions and links to the right to get started!

Partner With Us As We Impact Utah For Christ Through Athletics

What an exciting time for FCA Utah! Thank you for partnering with us on the ground level. We are experiencing God move in a mighty way through the platform of sports. I believe that together with your prayers and financial gifts, FCA can empower God’s word through coach’s and athlete’s to all areas of the Beehive state and impact our communities like never before. Our ministry efforts through FCA are possible because of appreciated donors’ faithful prayer and financial support. We ask that you prayerfully consider helping us reach more athletes and coaches for Christ with your gift today. Your support can advance the FCA vision through our Four C’s of Ministry: Coaches, Camps, Campus and Community. Please feel free to contact us to learn more about our ministry efforts and specific areas in which you may have specific interest and questions.


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How Do I Get Started At My School?

Here are the steps you'll need to get started with FCA Campus Ministry at your campus. There are many ministry types to choose from.

1) Pray for God to prepare your campus

2) Visit FCA Campus 101 to learn more about FCA and the specific type of ministry you'd like to start.

3) Select which ministry type meets the needs of your campus

4) Seek your administrator's blessing

5) As a Campus Ministry Sponsor fill out the Ministry Leadership Application

6) Complete the Request To Certify Your Campus

7) Contact your Local Staff 

Are You A Coach Or A Teacher?

Calling all COACHES and TEACHERS! We need you! In order for an FCA huddle (club) to be on a school campus it is required to have a host/sponsor. The host/sponsor is required to have filled out a Ministry Leader Application and have been approved through FCA. When you have a moment please fill out the application and you will hear back from a staff person as to if you have been approved. Thank you for helping YOUR athletes impact YOUR school for Christ!

Ministry Leader Application

FCA Camp 2014 Videos!

More videos can be found by following the YouTube account.

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