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Partner With Us As We Impact Utah For Christ Through Athletics

What an exciting time for FCA Utah! Thank you for partnering with us on the ground level. We are experiencing God move in a mighty way through the platform of sports. I believe that together with your prayers and financial gifts, FCA can empower God’s word through coach’s and athlete’s to all areas of the Beehive state and impact our communities like never before. Our ministry efforts through FCA are possible because of appreciated donors’ faithful prayer and financial support. We ask that you prayerfully consider helping us reach more athletes and coaches for Christ with your gift today. Your support can advance the FCA vision through our Four C’s of Ministry: Coaches, Camps, Campus and Community. Please feel free to contact us to learn more about our ministry efforts and specific areas in which you may have specific interest and questions.


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What Does My Money Go Towards?

Your generous support goes towards several items.

Staff Salaries

  • From the state director to our field staff and administrative staff we are all dependent on your support. We don't get a check from corporate. If the finances aren't in our support accounts we don't get paid.


  • We supply several resources for the huddles and coaches studies. Including but not limited to Huddle Ministry Kits, Competitor's Bibles, Coaches Bibles, and Team Studies. These resources are all specifically designed with devotions and study notes written by athletes and coaches. They are an excellent resource for our huddle leadership teams and coaches to use in leading their huddles and in the discipleship process. These all come out of your support when they are provided to a huddle by a staff member.

Administrative Costs

  • Not only does your support go towards the more visible part of the ministry but it also covers the unseen things, like postage, paper, rent for offices, fuel for us to travel to schools etc. A small part (11%) goes to our National Support Center. The NSC is responsible for maintaining all of the finances, the tax receipts you receive, they handle all the training and support (like the 5 emails and webcam session for me to learn how to build this website you're looking at) along with many other behind the scenes tasks that allow us more free time to be out working with athletes instead of worrying about things like insurance paperwork.

I hope this helps answer your question of what your money is going towards. Minus the 11% to the NSC all of your support goes to the account of the staff member you have selected to give towards. Their paycheck comes out of that amount, and whatever is above and beyond the required amount for their pay goes towards the resources needed to do their job. If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

Charitable donations to the Fellowship of Christian Athletes go to support the work of those involved in our sports ministry. As a non-profit organization, charitable giving to FCA is tax-deductible. We provide tax receipts for donations. Thank you for giving to our ministry.

We offer several avenues through which you can support the ministry: